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7 Things to Do When Stuck at Home!

Are you stuck inside? Or quarantined because of a pandemic? The following list may give you some ideas to kill the boredom.

1) Create a Challenge

Have a look around and see what resources are available to you. For example, you may have a tea bag and a cup. Be creative! For example, you could sit on a chair and then throw the tea bag at the cup and see how many times you can get it to land in the cup without lifting your bottom off the chair.

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2) Solve a Puzzle

Do you have any puzzles on hand? Now might be a good time to tackle that thousand piece jigsaw that you have had hanging around for years! Or if you’re not at home, you could look for a crossword or other word game in a newspaper or magazine? If nothing is available you can always draw your own Sudoku. Draw a big square, then divide it into thirds horizontally and vertically giving you 9 squares. Then divide each square into 9 squares. Then you can add-in numbers 1-9 in each of your small squares leaving at least half of the squares blank. Then do the puzzle and fill in the missing numbers. The aim is to have only one of each number 1-9 in each row and each square. Good Luck!

3)Do Something Physical

So you may not have any outside space but there are still things you can do inside. You could do star jumps, running on the spot, squats or even push-ups. Moving is good for your brain and helps increase levels of serotonin which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. This may help with some of the gloomy feelings you may experience when being socially restricted.

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4) Find Something Creative to Do

Is there a pen and paper available? I am not an artist but one thing you could do is fill the page with doodles and aim to leave no spaces. If a whole page seems too overwhelming then fold it into quarters and complete 1 quarter at a time. If you can stretch your patience to complete all 4 quarters open the page once they are all finished and see you completed artwork! If you are already artistic the sky is the limit with a pen and paper and you probably didn’t need my suggestion to occupy yourself!

5) Be Social

This may sound odd when you are stuck and can’t go anywhere but unless you are imprisoned you will usually have some contact with the outside world. Use the phone to call someone every day for the period of time that you are unable to go anywhere. Write a thoughtful letter to a friend or family member which you could post or deliver at a later date. Spend time thinking about your relationships and how you might be able to make them stronger.

6) Plan Your Future

Things may seem out of your control at the moment but you can control your thinking. Think of some positive things and plan some things to look forward to when things change. You could write a list of things you want to achieve. Plan some things you would like to do with friends. Could you learn a new skill or do something you have never attempted before? Have you been interested in starting that online side hustle? Now might be a good time. You could check out the free course to create your own online business from scratch!

7) Be Grateful

It’s amazing how you can improve your gloomy mood when you reflect on the things you can be grateful for. Think of at least 10 things and record them if possible. You could video yourself stating the things you are grateful for or even just write them down. This could be an exercise in memorization where you learn the ten things so that you are able to recall them at any time. Even basic things could make it to your list, like running water, food to eat or that amazing sunset that you were able to watch till there was only darkness.

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Hopefully this post has given you some ideas to look at what you have around you and be creative.

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