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When you make a purchase from an affiliate link you will not pay any more than if you purchased from that company directly. I use several different companies as affiliates in order to point you to products and services that I feel are good value and may help meet your needs according to subjects that you have engaged with on my site. Some companies will hold the link information for a period of time (eg 30days) so if you last clicked on a link from my site then purchase from that affiliate, I may receive a commission from that affiliate for linking you to their product. None of these affiliate companies have given me free products, services, or anything else for placing links to their business. I have requested to be an affiliate of all the companies/businesses that I receive commissions from as I have used them myself or researched them and believe they will be valuable to my readers.

Please note that some of my links to companies on my site do not result in me receiving any commissions as they do not have an affiliate programme. I have chosen to link to these companies as I have personally experienced great value in their products or feel they provide a great resource to my readers.

One of my affiliates is the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). This company offers a free online course with Stuart Ross and gives a further opportunity for you to purchase further educational and business products they provide. There is no obligation for you to buy anything after doing the free course and you will not pay any more than if you purchased directly from SFM. SFM does not operate on a “pay per click” compensation so I do not receive any compensation when you click on a link. However, if you choose to create a profile and buy any educational products from the Six Figure Mentors I will receive a percentage of the sale for the referral. Please note that the Six Figure Mentor products are only suitable for people who are over the age of 18years who are lawfully able to enter into a contract. They will not knowingly enter into an agreement with a person under the age of 18 and persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from requesting, using and attempting to enter into this contract.

This website endorses Six Figure Mentors (SFM). Although we do not operate on a “pay per click” compensation, should you create a profile and purchase any SFM educational products, we will receive a percentage of the sale for the referral.By clicking any affiliate links on this website you will not pay any more than if you were to purchase directly.

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