Are Chemicals Affecting Your Kids?

Are Your Kids Reacting to Preservatives?

Nine years ago we discovered that our kids were super sensitive to preservatives. This also helped us discover that the food additives were also affecting the parents! The preservatives in food would upset our kid’s behaviour and therefore my mental health! My kids would get hyperactive, angry, be unable to focus, be very grumpy and uncooperative. I took the whole family through a time of going back to basics and eating just fruit, veg, rice, and meat. That’s when I found out just how much we were all being affected by additives in our food. Even basic foods like sultanas and yogurt were causing us issues.

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This has lead me to seeking out products that are natural and don’t introduce artificial chemicals to your body. I looked at foods, body products and cleaning products. We made many changes and have really notices the difference in our health and well being. Being aware of these food chemicals has also given me a greater awareness of everyday products that also affect our environment.

As I adjusted our lifestyle a step at a time to be kinder to us and kinder to our planet I stumbled across the Woohoo product and have been loving it since. I had finally found a deodorant that smells great, is not sticky and actually stops you stinking. After using this for a while I used my old roll-on in a hurry to get to work! Squirm alert! That day I felt much sweatier and just gross for my whole shift. So after that, I have continued to use my Woohoo deodorant as it feels so much more pleasant!

Woohoo, have NO nasties that you find in many other products such as Aluminium, Triclosan, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, benzoyl peroxide, mineral oils, parabens or animal derivatives. If you don’t know anything about some of these chemicals found in everyday products then check out the Woohoo blog for information. They also don’t believe in testing on animals so we are winning all round.

Woohoo are very environmentally conscious and have produced their packaging accordingly. The large plastic tubs are made of bioplastic, and they have a smaller tub which is tin if you prefer to steer clear of plastic. Deodorant sticks are also part of their range. These are made from cardboard and are fully compostable when you have finished with them.

Follow this link if you want to trial some Woohoo and they also have sample packs so you can test the fragrance that you like best or just keep them for traveling. That is when we can actually travel again!!

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